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..:::Silent Hill 2 Enemies:::..

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Lying Creature

Location: You'll come across them very often during your journey throughout Silent Hill.

Attack Method: Whilst in their upright position they are not an immediate threat, although if you let one get too close to you it will launch its deadly mist attack. When they are crawling, usually hiding under cars and vans, they can move extremely quickly. Again they do not pose much of a threat like this, but if you let them get too close they will inflict damage.

Weakness: Due to their sluggish walking speed and slow attacks they are open to any method of attack.

Best Tactics: Either use the handgun at a safe distance to bring them down or beat them will the plank or pipe from behind. Once on the ground James use his stomp attack to finish them off.


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Location: You'll come across these frequently during your journey throughout Silent Hill.

Attack Method: The Mannequins have only one basic attack, where it lunges it's upper legs at you. Be careful though - they do attack more rapidly than the Lying Creatures. They also tend to leap - without warning - from rooftops and bushes, so be on your guard.

Weakness: Since their range is limited and they are not a quick moving foe, they are also open to many attacks.

Best Tactics: The best way to defeat them is to either use the handgun at a safe distance or beat them to the ground with the wooden plank/steel pipe, to be finished off with James' death stompu.


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Bubble Head Nurse

Location: Brookhaven Hospital, Alternate Brookhaven Hospital & Alternate Silent Hill.

Attack Method: The Bubble Head Nurse is rather quick on her feet, and her attack range is very long, not to mention lightning fast. They tend to travel in groups of two or three, which can pose as a threat in enclosed spaces.

Weakness: The nurses don't have any direct weaknesses, but they do have a slow turn around speed, so this is the ideal time to launch an attack.

Best Tactics: Always keep your back covered when confronting them. If you enter a room to find two or more, move James into a corner so that the only direction the attacks can come from is in front of you. The steel pipe is a good weapon to use against them due to it's extended range, but the handgun and shotgun are probably better as they can be used from a safe distance. Again, when you have brought them down, have James use his stomp to finish them.


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Location: Silent Hill, Woodside Apartments, Blue Creek Apartments & Historical Society.

Attack Method: No true strengths are held by the tiny foes, but their speed is their main advantage.

Weakness: They do like to attack anyone within their vicinity, but upon doing so they pause for a couple of seconds. This is when your attack is best made.

Best Tactics: Try not to waste rounds of ammo. If you can just simply avoid these enemies as they will eventually retreat. But if you feel it necessary to defeat them, a few well aimed shots with your handgun should do the trick. Or, timed correctly, James can simply tread on them once to kill them.


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Location: Alternate Silent Hill, Labyrith & Alternate Lakeview Hotel.

Attack Method: They attack from beneath grilles with deadly tongue like spikes that protrude from the ends of their arms.

Weakness: Because they are hanging from the grilles, they have nowhere to hide.

Best Tactics: The best tactic is to just not waste much needed ammo and simply run past them. They are very easily avoided so long as you dont stay stood above them for too long.


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Abstract Daddy

Location: Labyrith & Lakeview Hotel.

Attack Method: Abstract Daddy can move at good speed and if you do not plan your attck well they can easily overcome you very quickly. They lunge themselves toward you and attack by locking its jaws on you head.

Weakness: This foe also has no immediate weaknesses, but can be easily defeated if done correclty.

Best Tactics: The safest thing to do is to not use any melee weapons, but to use your shotgun. Keep at a safe distance and make sure you have room to manoeuvre backwards whilst James locks and loads the next shotgun cartridge. They will go down after a few shots.




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