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..:::Silent Hill 1 Walkthrough:::..
Chapter 2

**Please note: Directions in Midwich Elementary are given if using the map so that north is up and south is down and not the actual compass direction given on the map, in which true north is to the right**

Midwich Elementary pt1
Items in area;
Map of School
Box of Handgun Bullets

Upon entering the school walk over to the right hand side to find the Map of School. Go though the doors into the school corridors, head east toward the reception. Once behind the reception are examine the blood on the counter. The notes will read:

10:00 "Alchemy laboratory" Gold in an old man's palm. The future is hidden in his fist. Exchange for sage's water.

On the opposite side of this area are two other notes covered in blood. Check them both the see these clues:

12:00 "A place with songs and sound" A silver guidepost is untapped in lost tongues. Awakening at the ordained order.

5:00 "Darkness that brings the choking heat" Flames render the silence, awakening the hungry beast. Open time's door to beckon prey.

Midwich Elementary pt2
Items in area;
Health Drink
First Aid Kit
Box of Handgun Bullets

Travel east down the hallway until you reach the infirmary door and enter. Inside you will find a Health Drink inside the medical cabinet and a First Aid Kit on the on the hospital gurney. On the desk behind the gurney is a save point. Leave the infirmary and enter the courtyard by going through the double doors opposite the doors you entered the corridors. Run forward through the courtyard, avoiding the Mumblers (Claw Finger - UK) and straight through the set of double doors. Once inside the school again enter the set of double doors directly in front of you. In this room a Box of Handgun Bullets can be found on the bench to the left. Leave the room and make your way to the doors to the west side of the corridor.

Midwich Elementary pt3
Items in area;
Health Drink
First Aid Kit
x3 Boxes of Handgun Bullets
Gold Medallion

All the door in this corridor will be locked, so head upstairs and onto the second floor. The classroom door to the right of the stairwell is unlocked so enter and head to the opposite end of the room where you will get a Health Drink. Leave this classroom and back into the corridor and go into the Girl's Toilets. In the toilets is a Box of Handgun Bullets after collecting them leave the room. Travel back up the corridor and enter the double door on the right at the very top. Enter the Lab Equipment Room, where a bottle of Chemical can be found on a shelf. Exit the room and journey into the Chemistry Lab. In here is a hand on the tabletop, holding a golden item. Use the Chemical on the hand to obtain the Gold Medallion. After doing this head to the left of the hand to get the Box of Handgun Bullets. Leave this room and continue east along the corridor, through the double doors and left into the Library. Collect the First Aid Kit located on the table and leave. Enter the southern most classroom to find a Box of Handgun Bullets. Now progress to the southern stairwell and go down to the first floor. Go through the double doors, make your way back into the Courtyard and place the Gold Medallion in the slot on the left of the clock tower door (bottom right of courtyard). The hands will now point to 12:00.

Midwich Elementary pt4
Items in area;
Silver Medallion

Head back up to the second floor, via the southeastern stairwell, through the double doors and into the Music Room. Once inside examine the writing on the chalkboard:

"A Tale of Birds without a Voice"

First flew the greedy Pelican,
Eager for the reward,
White wings flailing.

Then came the silent Dove,
Flying beyond the Pelican,
As far as he could.

A Raven flies in,
Flying higher than the Dove,
Just to show he can.

A Swan glides in,
To find a peaceful spot,
Next to another bird.

Finally come a Crow,
Coming quickly to a stop,
Yawning and then napping.

Who will show the way,
Who will be the key,
Who will lead to,
The silver reward.

Now go over to the piano and make Harry check the keys. You will be presented with a close up of the keys that must be pressed in the right order, which can be found by clicking HERE. After doing this puzzle correctly the Silver Medallion will fall from above the chalkboard. Collect this and make your journey back to the clock tower by the way you came.

Midwich Elementary pt5
Items in area;

Put the Silver Medallion into the slot on the right side of the clock tower door, the clock will now change to 5:00. Now head back to the southeastern stairwell and go down the stairs and enter the Boiler Room. Inside the room press the red power button to turn on the boiler. Make your way back to the Courtyard and enter the clock tower door that will now be unlocked...




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